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The new wave in bulk volume measurement
A unique solution allows companies to maintain and improve stability in the industry by introducing machine vision technology into the bulk materials inventory management system.
Algorithms developed at DWAVE Metrics use images from IP cameras to create a 3D model of bulk materials in real time.
Unique solution
Wide range of applications
Our solution is available in a variety of industries thanks to flexible settings and an adaptive mathematical model.
The complex reduces the risks of losses, increases the profitability of companies, provides transparency of the turnover of bulk materials and much more:
Advantages of complex
Your business can scale and has no limitations on the number of warehouses, sites, and so on.
Scale up
without limits
You can be sure that our specialists will take care of your business and will be able to find a solution that suits your conditions.
Our team consists of professionals who are passionate about what they do
DWAVE metrics began its history in 2020 with the decision to create an easy-to-use, affordable system for bulk materials inventory management.
Our goal today is to help companies implement digital technologies in production departments and improve business efficiency.
Our goal
DWAVE metrics allows you to measure without using additional equipment.
Without tachymeters and lidars
Measurement results are displayed in an accessible format, which allows you to use the complex without the need for special knowledge of geodesy!
Automation of calculations
Our Partners
on your project
on your project
The system, based on machine vision
using IP cameras, creates a 3D model of bulk materials, calculating the volume with high accuracy online.
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